The Hermetic Electric: il gruppo belga presenta il nuovo album “Feel Nothing”

The Hermetic Electric


Tardigrada presenta:




Venerdì 22 luglio, ore 22.00
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The Hermetic Electric released their first EP in 2013 via their own label Hyphen.

Consisting of Holly Naboo (vocals, bass, guitar, organ) and Elfi (keyboards and synths).
On stage they are joined by Mathieu (aka Polucse) on bass.

Formed in 2013, The Hermetic Electric take us into melancholy, cold world with hints of new wave, electro, post-punk and assumed romance. The set brings us into a world of dark pop, sometimes clinical. Electro grief and threatening, which makes you
discover the band inner territories and perfect for questioning yourself in these times of challenged and resolutions…


opening live set


aftershow djs
Paolo PaolinoZlaia Scarponi / Lost In Transmission
Eli Felici / Tardigrada

ingresso 3 euro

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