Alles, duo di musica elettronica dalla Polonia




We live in the kingdom of noise, information overflow, misinformation & disorientation.
Ever rushing, we grasp disconnected words, unfinished thoughts, repeated ideas.
We consume relationships, sandwiches, art.
We want freedom but don’t know how to be free.
We close up in the world of definition, scheme, calculation and manipulation.
Post-modernism, post-punk, post-communism, great post.
Overload’s overload, tiredness of being tired.
Has everything been done before?
… Alles.


Sabato 29 ottobre, ore 22:00
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Alles electronic duo from Poland. Marcin Regucki and Paweł Strzelec combines in a very unique way elements from different spectres: industrial, techno, electronic, minimal synth, new wave and post-punk.

Post / Mecanica Records (Poland) 2014
Union 7″ inch EP containing two songs: Aparat, Utopia.
Mecanica Records 2016

Alles new album will be titled CULTURE and to be released by Antena Krzyku in November.


Italian tour R7 Agency

Light Parade dark electronic/experimental

halfcastle Genre : %
Paolo PaolinoZlaia Scarponi/ Lost In Transmission
Eli Felici/ Tardigrada

Ingresso 5 euro

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